Baker Miller Pink Hoodie: “The World’s Most Relaxing Piece of Technical Clothing”

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 21, 2016

Baker Miller Pink Hoodie

It’s a stressful, anxiety-provoking world out there, and sometimes you just want to crawl into a small dark space and get away from it all for a while. Enter (literally) the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie from Vollebak, designed to be just such a wearable escape hatch from the stresses of everyday life.

The Baker Miller Pink Hoodie forces both your brain and your body into relaxation through activation of your parasympathetic nervous system, which handles the functions of recovery and rest. Its distinctive visor, which encourages breathing through the nose and saturates your vision with a shade of pink that’s supposed to lower your heart rate, is where a lot of its relaxation-oriented functions are located.

If you’re serious about taking time to improve your physical and mental health, you can prove it by dropping $320 on the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie at Vollebak’s online store right here, where you can also get a lot more information on how and why the hoodie works.