Ideal Conceal: A Real Gun That Looks Like a Smartphone

by: Joseph On  Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ideal Conceal

For the discreet gun-owner who doesn’t want everyone in the room to know he has a gun (should this hypothetical individual actually exist), there’s Ideal Conceal, a kind of transforming pistol that when it’s holstered in your pocket looks all the world like a garden variety smartphone—but it actually fires bullets with lethal force.

Double-barreled .380 caliber lethal force, to be precise. But when in its “locked” position, an Ideal Conceal pistol won’t draw any more attention than a regular phone would, at least until someone asks you what time it is, or to look up some movie times, get directions, or any of the other things a smartphone does that a gun cannot.

Pricing information on Ideal Conceal products are still on the way, but you can get the whole spiel from the brand’s official site here. And the next time you see somebody walking around with a smartphone in their hip pocket, breathe easy. It might be a gun.