What Is My Movie?: Text-Based Search Engine is Like Shazam for Movies

by: Joseph On  Friday, March 18, 2016

What Is My Movie?

We’ve all experienced it: You remember a scene or a situation from a movie you saw either recently or in the dim dark past, but you can’t seem to call to mind what movie it actually comes from. It can be a pretty frustrating experience, but there’s now a more specialized website than Google to find what you want. It’s called What Is My Movie?

What Is My Movie? is basically a technology demonstration for search engine technology called Val.ai. It works just like a normal search engine—you just type the keywords for the movie you want and it gives you page after page of results. You can refine them by telling it whether or not the results are good ones, and hopefully the search engine will continue to improve.

I decided to test What Is My Movie? by entering in the one-line plot description for one of the greatest movies ever made: The Thing With Two Heads. I typed in “racist gets black man’s head attached to his body,” and got a bunch of wrong results before eventually the right title emerged, ten down from the top. Compared to Google, which brought the correct title up immediately, that’s not too hot, but it’s still a pretty fun system to play around with. Check it out here (and definitely seek out The Thing With Two Heads the next time you can’t decide on a movie to watch!).