‘The Chart of Cosmic Exploration’ From Pop Chart Lab

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 14, 2016

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration

Another extremely cool chart/poster from Pop Chart Lab is here, this one honoring humanity’s (kind of surprising when you think about it) wide range of successful space exploration missions, by NASA and other space exploration entities. It carries the lofty title The Chart of Cosmic Exploration. 

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration covers every orbiter, every lander, every rover, every flyby and every impactor to be successfully sent out to and (as the case may be) returned from space, stretching back to 1959’s Luna 2 all the way up to last year’s DSCOVR mission — hopefully, there will be enough space missions over the next 50 years for there to be a sequel.

Each mission outlined on The Chart of Cosmic Exploration is illustrated visually on the chart, so you can see where each craft went on its quest to explore the stars. If you think it might look good on the wall at your home or office, you can get a copy at Pop Chart Lab right here for $38 — pretty cheap, by space travel standards.