Mini Materials: Miniature Building Materials for Tiny Construction

by: Joseph On  Monday, March 14, 2016

Mini Materials

One great way for getting a construction project straight in your mind is to make a miniature model of it, to see how everything looks once it gets put together. But making an addition to your house with LEGO isn’t really going to reflect reality too closely, and you’ll probably get distracted and add a Death Star to your new pool anyway, which is why you might want to give Mini Materials a try.

Mini Materials are 1/12th scale construction materials that are made from the same stuff as their full-scale counterparts: The tiny cinder blocks are made from real cement, the tiny bricks are made from real terra cotta, etc. Starter kits for building your own cell phone charger as well as your own finger boarding park are also available.

Even if you don’t have any practical use for Mini Materials at the moment, you might find yourself gripped by the desire to play with them anyway. If so, you can get some of your own at the product’s official site here starting at just $10.