“Crown”: Run The Jewels Releases Virtual Reality Music Video

by: Joseph On  Sunday, March 13, 2016


It was only a matter of time before virtual reality music videos became the norm, at least for a little while, and who better to get in on the action early than Run The Jewels? Interestingly, they’ve paired up with The New York Times to do just that for their track “Crown.”

Unfortunately, to see the full VR experience for Run The Jewels’ “Crown” you have to have The New York Times’ VR app, and it’s purportedly best experienced with an actual virtual reality headset. The duo has been kind enough to release a short snippet of the video on YouTube, though, so you can get a taste of what it’s like.

You can do that by watching teaser for “Crown” by Run The Jewels below. And to get The New York Times’ VR app, called NYT VR, head over to its official site here where you can also get a lot more information on what the app can do (spoiler: It’s not just for music videos).

Here’s the teaser: