Mushroom Packaging: Eco-Friendly Fungus Packaging Adopted by IKEA

by: Joseph On  Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mushroom Packaging

Styrofoam is great and all, but it’s notoriously bad for the environment and in all honesty it’s probably well past time to stop using it. IKEA is pledging to do that this year, replacing it with something called Mushroom Packaging, a completely biodegradable form of packaging taken from the root-equivalent in mushrooms and made by Ecovative.

Ecovative’s Mushroom Packaging is a mycelium mixture that is formulated from the vegetative matter in certain fungi, and is said to be able to decompose in a garden completely in weeks. It’s been around for a decade now, but IKEA’s pledge to make the packaging standard is a big leap for the product, and hopefully for the environment (especially if other companies follow in IKEA’s footsteps).

You can learn about Mushroom Packaging, “made from Myco Foam,” as well as IKEA’s plans to start using it instead of Styrofoam in the near future, right here.