BASE Valet Trays: Organize Your Everyday Items

by: Joseph On  Monday, February 29, 2016
Tags:  BASE   Cool Material   EDC   Polystone   Valet Trays  

BASE Valet Trays

If you’re not sure what a “valet tray” is, it’s okay, it only means you’re probably not part of the moneyed leisure class. But there’s no reason the top 1% should be the only ones with an organized nightstand, which is why BASE Valet Trays are built to fit into any home (studio apartments included).

BASE Valet Trays are made from sturdy monochromatic polystone, heavy enough to stay put on your nightstand whether it’s empty or loaded up with all your keys, mobile devices, wallet, and such. They come in three different colors: Black, grey, and not-quite-Nickelodeon orange (that’s my color description, not theirs)

The Cool Material Shop is currently letting go of BASE Valet Trays to the tune of $41.95 a pop, and you can order yours right here. Then, just start slipping casual references to your “valet” in conversation, and you’ll begin to feel like a swell in no time.