Multi-Function Folding Shovel From Doingoutdoor

by: Joseph On  Friday, February 26, 2016

Multi-Function Folding Shovel

Here’s a product that would make William H. Macy’s character in Mystery Men light up with joy. It’s the Multi-Function Folding Shovel from Doingoutdoor, a shovel packed with so many different functions that it almost strains credulity.

In addition to being, you know, a shovel, the Doingoutdoor Multi-Function Folding Shovel has a portable camouflage fatigues bag, ax, hoe, hammer, knife, flint fire starter, whistle, tourniquet, and more. It’s constructed from 420 high-carbon steel, and the idea is that it can be taken with you in any potentially dangerous situation – not just the ones you might need to dig yourself out of. And despite all the different detachable parts, each component of the shovel was engineered to be as sturdy as possible when it’s locked in place for use.

Doingoutdoor’s Multi-Function Folding Shovel is available at Amazon here for just under $80. It may be the first and only shovel that will actually save your life, unless you’re used to fighting the Disco Boys with one.