Omid Scheybani: Photographer Releases iPhone Pics of North Korea (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, February 24, 2016

North Korea is the last remaining vestige of the concept of the “Iron Curtain,” behind which very little media is able to get in or out. But photographer Omid Scheybani has recently torn through that curtain with a new series of photos from inside North Korea taken with an iPhone.

Omid Scheybani’s iPhone photos of North Korea may be surprising if you only think of NK as a militarized Communist grey blob. They show kids on roller skates, playing ping pong, and more, but they also indicate just how closed off and stuck in a different era North Korean society is.

Here’s Scheybani himself on the project:

“The iPhone allowed me to do a lot of things that would not have been possible with a larger camera. Pull it out, take a few shots, and put it back into your pocket… The iPhone gives me a lot of flexibility. Furthermore, I’m rather sorry than safe… certainly a risky attitude in the DPRK, but that’s just me as a photographer.”

You can see some of Omid Scheybani’s iPhone photography in the gallery below, and for more of his work (and the interview excerpted above), check him out at EyeEm right here.

Here’s the gallery: