Thompson Square Studios: Luxury Shared Workspace in NYC (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, February 11, 2016

Shared workspaces are becoming more and more feasible as a business model, as more and more people join the army of freelancers that keep the world’s supply of content flowing harmoniously. The typical customer for one of these places is usually someone on enough of a budget to not be able to afford traditional office space, but Thompson Square Studios is a new luxury shared workspace in New York City that caters to wealthy, upscale clientele.

Personally, I thought one of the benefits of being extremely rich was that you didn’t have to worry about things like “networking” anymore, but even I have to admit that Thompson Square Studios makes a pretty appealing case for the value of their shared working experience. Features include 24/7 access to concierge services like chopper rides to JFK airport, “company cars,” personal assistants, and in-house locally-sourced meals provided by pop-up chefs.

Thompson Square Studios is based on monthly memberships, of which there are various different levels starting at $750 per month. You can get more information here, or you can just press your grubby hands up against the glass and look inside (so to speak) through the gallery below, and dream of being able to afford something like this.