Vollebak Condition Black Jacket

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Vollebak Condition Black Jacket

“Vollebak” is not a brand name that exactly trips off the tongue, but in Flemish it means “all out,” which would appear to be an appropriate name for the company’s brand of survival-oriented adventure gear. Take, for example, the Vollebak Condition Black Jacket.

In addition to being a valuable entry in any rhyming dictionary, the Vollebak Condition Black Jacket is loaded with tech to keep you ticking even if things go terribly wrong on the slopes. NineteenĀ “ceraspace” panels protect the wearer from impacts up to 75 miles per hour, with strength enough to scar rock, and the NanoSphere coating is the closest thing we have in 2016 to a force field for dirt, snow, and other assorted elemental pressures.

Your best chance at surviving an avalanche doesn’t come cheap, but you can order your $1,100 Vollebak Condition Black Jacket at the Vollebak online store right here, as well as a lot more information on what the jacket can do.