Sommi Wine Cellars

by: Joseph On  Thursday, February 4, 2016
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Sommi Wine Cellars

The dream for a lot of wine enthusiasts is to have a genuine wine cellar underneath your house, where you can hide uranium, murder busybodies who threaten to derail your elaborate art forgery scheme, or just store your wine. But not everybody is lucky enough to have the resources for a conventional wine cellar, which is where Sommi Wine Cellars come in.

Sommi Wine Cellars are standalone structures made by hand from wood locally sourced from the forests of Portland, Oregon. They boast cutting-edge cooling systems and capacities up to almost 450 bottles (depending on which size you opt for), and each one is finished to match whatever the inside of your house looks like.

Prices start at eight grand, which is still cheaper than moving to a house with a built-in wine cellar, so you have more money to spend on wine. To buy and for more info on Sommi Wine Cellars, just check out Sommi’s official site right here.