“The Michael Jackson Video Game Conspiracy” Proven

The Michael Jackson Video Game Conspiracy

If your sphere of interests includes the King of Pop Michael Jackson and the King of Rings Sonic the Hedgehog, it’s possible you’ve heard the long-debated urban legend over whether MJ secretly composed the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Now, a new article on The Huffington Post, “The Michael Jackson Video Game Conspiracy,” claims to have proven this theory to be true once and for all.

“The Michael Jackson Video Game Conspiracy” goes deep enough into the convoluted history of this urban legend to make Nathan Heller proud, but the simple version is that Jackson was a Sonic fan when Sega asked if he’d be interested in writing songs for the upcoming game. He said yes, but the explosive child molestation scandal that almost destroyed his career and the game’s poor audio quality combined to take MJ’s name off of the game’s credits — fans have long noted similarities between many of Sonic 3‘s cues and Jackson’s album Dangerous, but this report confirms that it was indeed Jackson who composed much of the music for the game.

You can read “The Michael Jackson Video Game Conspiracy” right here.