Fender FXA7 Pro In-Ear Monitors

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fender FXA7 Pro In-Ear Monitors

Fender is a legendary guitar brand–perhaps THE legendary guitar brand–but imagine if you could stick a Fender guitar … in your ear. That’s not quite the idea behind the Fender FXA7 Pro In-Ear Monitors, but it makes an OK opening paragraph so I went with it.

Fender FXA7 Pro In-Ear Monitors were 3D-printed from 3D scans for thousands of human ears (nice to know Andrew Scott is still getting work this long after the UniSol project folded), making them purportedly feel like they were customized to your ears. And once they’re in there, the audio quality will be top-notch thanks in part to Fender’s Hybrid-Dynamic tuned Balanced Armature Array.

As we all know, quality like that doesn’t come cheap, and Fender FXA7 Pro In-Ear Monitors don’t come cheap at just under $500 a pair at Fender’s online store here, where you can also find a lot more information on the product and what sets it apart from typical headphones.