‘Top 10 Amazing Drawing Tricks’ by Howard Lee (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 25, 2016

Howard Lee's Top 10 Amazing Drawing Tricks

In the fine art world, it is generally considered gauche to compile your own top 10 list, the thinking being that that duty should fall to appreciators of your work, rather than yourself. But artist Howard Lee took it upon himself to do the honors for his own work, and it’s hard to argue with the description of his own Top 10 Amazing Drawing Tricks.

Howard Lee’s specialty is hyper-photorealism, accomplished freehand and with a wide variety of subjects, ten of which are featured in Lee’s Top 10 Amazing Drawing Tricks. They include Butterfinger candy bars, hot dogs, eggs, and more, all placed side-by-side with their real-life models (there’s also a bonus clip that’s not for the faint of heart).

Top 10 Amazing Drawing Tricks is a series of optical illusions that are better seen than described, so if you’ve got three minutes to spare, check it out below. And for more of the artist’s work, head over to Howard Lee’s official website right here.

Here’s the video: