Sriracha Packets From Sriracha 2 Go and Huy Fong Foods

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 25, 2016

Sriracha Packets From Sriracha 2 Go and Huy Fong Foods

You may recallĀ (especially if you’re a big Sriracha fan) the development of Sriracha 2 Go, the portable key chain Sriracha bottle. Now, the makers of that fine product have unveiled another portable Sriracha innovation, and it seems particularly obvious in retrospect: Sriracha packets, officially licensed by Huy Fong Foods, the makers of Sriracha.

If you’re familiar with condiments in packet form (mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, etc.), then you’re familiar with the general idea of Sriracha 2 Go Sriracha packets. You can buy them in packs of 50 or 200, which is nice, but it seems to me that the packets won’t truly fulfill their potential until you start seeing them in restaurants and cafes right next to the ketchups.

Whether or not that happens, you can get Sriracha 2 Go’s Sriracha packets, available in the aforementioned 50 and 200-count packs, for $15 and $35, respectively. To do that, head over to Sriracha 2 Go’s online store right here.