GE Monogram Pizza Oven

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 25, 2016
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GE Monogram Pizza Oven

Once a year or so, every dedicated pizza fan decides┬áto try once more to make a pizza at home instead of ordering one. Maybe it turns out good, maybe it turns out bad, maybe you accidentally melt a plastic cutting board inside your oven. Whatever the outcome of your homemade pizza experiment, one thing is certain: It doesn’t taste like it does from a pizzeria. But perhaps with the GE Monogram Pizza Oven, the dream can finally come true.

The GE Monogram Pizza Oven is built to fit, at least theoretically, into a normal kitchen. It can fit into a standard kitchen wall oven cavity, and it boasts an interior ventilation system that doesn’t require any external modifications to the kitchen it’s in. It also costs $10,000, but hey, everyone knows you have to pay for quality pizza.

Set to go on sale in May, you can read more about the GE Monogram Pizza Oven at GE’s press release right here.