LocoL: Fast Food Restaurant to Serve Healthy Alternatives to Food Deserts

by: Joseph On  Friday, January 22, 2016


One of the trickiest things about economic disparity is that it has effects that aren’t immediately apparent, especially to people who are lucky enough to live on the right side of the divide. One of those effects is conceptualized as the “food desert,” the name given to underprivileged areas in which residents don’t have convenient or affordable access to healthy food. LocoL is a new fast food place in the LA Watts neighborhood that’s seeking to make a small difference in that huge problem.

LocoL is the product of food auteurs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson, and the concept is basically to give Watts residents access to organic, healthy food at prices that are competitive with the (and, let’s face it, borderline toxic) fast food chains. “Burgs” with meat patties cut with tofu and grain will cost four bucks, three dollars will get you chicken or veggie nuggets, and tortilla “foldies” will cost just $2.

With its flagship location in Watts and another coming to San Francisco, hopefully LocoL will be enough of a success that other companies will follow suit with better, healthier choices in under-served communities. For more info, take a look at the restaurant’s official site right here.