Night Cable: Weighted for Staying on Nightstands and Tables

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 18, 2016

Night Cable

Most charging cables, to put it as generously as possible, were made with the goal of being as lightweight and portable as possible. But that eye towards convenience has an unintended side-effect: A slight draft can knock them off and/or behind your nightstand or table, where they become a real pain to reach. The Night Cable loses a bit in the portability department, but at least you’ll always know where to find it.

That’s because the Night Cable is weighted with a “monkey’s fist” knot right next to the charging component, substantial and heavy to keep it where you put it (and can find it in the dark, even if you’re drunk or half-asleep). It’s also ten feet long, so outlet access shouldn’t be a problem either.

If you’re ready for a more substantive charging cable, the Night Cable can be had at the Cool Material Shop right here, where it’s priced at a nickel under $40.