Chris Wilson: Meet the Ex-Con Artist Who Paints With Skittles (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chris Wilson

Skittles are famously sold under the ad slogan “taste the rainbow,” but Chris Wilson is an artist who goes the extra mile in appreciating the candy’s unique visuals. Interestingly, he does this using a technique he developed while serving a lengthy prison stay at San Quentin.

In prison, access to conventional painting materials can be restricted, and so it was in Chris Wilson’s case after he took up the pastime. So, he improvised, turning Skittles into paint and using a brush made from his own hair to create works in prison. Now that he’s out, and could presumably get whatever kinds of paints and brushes he wants, he still uses his distinctive signature method to paint (and makes a living off of it, too).

Chris Wilson’s story and his distinctive art is covered by a web series called Prison Da Vinci, which you can check out on Vimeo right here.