‘INNER STRENGTH’: Check Out Kevin Hart’s Serious Workout Regimen (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Stand-up comics are not generally known for their physical fitness, known as they are to subsist entirely on cheap late-night delivery pizza, cigarettes, and depending on which decade they live in, a variety of illicit drugs. But Kevin Hart has an approach to fitness more akin to that of a professional athlete, as the new video from Nike Training, INNER STRENGTH, demonstrates.

Titled in full INNER STRENGTH: Kevin Hart’s Training Routine Is No Joke, the video shows Kevin Hart’s daily exercise routine in exacting detail, and makes the case that the comedians numerous endorsement deals with Nike aren’t just because of his sense of humor. 

You can watch  INNER STRENGTH: Kevin Hart’s Training Routine Is No Joke for yourself below, provided you don’t mind feeling a little bit worse about whatever you do every day in the way of exercise. And if you want to feel even worse, you can get more on Hart’s fitness regimen at Nike’s site here

Here’s the video: