Playboy Mansion for Sale: $200 Million, Plus Hugh Hefner as Roommate

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Playboy Mansion

The most iconic mansion outside of Gotham City is now up for sale, but with a pretty amusing condition attached to its ownership. In order to call the Playboy Mansion yours, not only will you have to pony up as much as $200 million, but you also have to let Hugh Hefner continue to live and work on Playboy there.

I say “as much as” $200 million since it would appear by consensus that that’s something of an inflated figure, even for the iconic Playboy Mansion. It’s a sure thing you’ll be paying more than Hef paid back in 1971, though, since he got it for just a million dollars – even with inflation, that’s somewhat surprising.

You can read more about the Playboy Mansion’s financial situation in an ABC News article right here. And if you don’t mind sharing a mansion with an almost 90-year-old man, you can make your offer through Hilton & Hyland real estate.