Sony PS-HX500 USB Turntable

by: Joseph On  Monday, January 11, 2016
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Sony PS-HX500 USB Turntable

If you’re like everyone on my social media feeds today, this morning you woke up to the news that the seemingly immortal David Bowie was actually mortal after all. Maybe it’s making you consider mortality in slightly more musical terms, which may lead you to want to digitize some/all of your record collection. If so, you may want to hold out for the Sony PS-HX500 USB Turntable.

The coolest thing about the Sony PS-HX500 USB Turntable is that it was built to digitize vinyl audio without any compression, for lossless audio files that can be used like any other digital songs. And even if you’re not into the playlists and files of 21st century music, this makes a pretty good traditional turntable too.

The only bad news about the Sony PS-HX500 USB Turntable is that it’s not available yet, instead listed as coming soon on Sony’s official site right here.