Ehang184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle: A Drone You Can Ride In

by: Joseph On  Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ehang184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle

The word “drone” generally carries with it the assumed modifier “unmanned,” but in fact a drone can still be a drone as long as the person inside isn’t actually controlling it. That’s not really an applicable situation to most drones as we know them, but the Ehang184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle isn’t most drones.

As its name suggests, the Ehang184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle is a one-seater drone with the space and power to carry anyone who weighs less than 220 pounds (yet another reason to shed some of that winter weight this year). Flight is fully automated, so you just program where you want to go, climb in, and try not to waste all your travel time praying to God you don’t crash.

Or at least you would in China, where the Ehang184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle has been developed and is currently being tested. For more information, head over to the official Ehang site right here.