‘Anthem of the Seas’ Cruise Ship Has Robot Bartender (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Anthem of the Seas' Bionic Bar

I have never been on a cruise, in part because I don’t have what you call a “cruising personality.” But a quick glance at the bells and whistles on board the new Anthem of the Seas vessel from the Royal Caribbean cruise line has me rethinking that position – in particular, the Bionic Bar robot bartender.

The Anthem of the Seas’ Bionic Bar is the product of the Makr Shakr brand of robotic bartenders, and it’s incredible to watch it mix drinks in action (and, presumably, you don’t even have to give it a tip). Of course, the ship also boasts attractions like on-board artificial surfing and skydiving, so you don’t just have to want to hang out with robots to want to take a trip among its treasures.

You can check out the Bionic Bar in the video below. And for more on the Anthem of the Seas, check out its official page on the Royal Caribbean site right here.

Here’s the video: