Woodford Reserve 2015 Holiday Bottle

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Woodford Reserve Holiday Bourbon

Christmas has come and gone, but for the next few days we’re still in the midst of the holiday season, which means there’s still time to get wasted on yuletide cheer. The folks at Woodford Reserve realize this, and have released the Woodford Reserve 2015 Holiday Bottle for those late-season holiday parties.

The Woodford Reserve 2015 Holiday Bottle is emblazoned with the artwork of Thomas William Foerster, a Louisville native who captured a seasonally snowy version of the Woodford Distillery in nearby Versailles, Kentucky. Inside is the same Kentucky bourbon one might expect from Woodford Reserve, but the bottle itself is a limited edition of an undisclosed number.

You can read more about the Woodford Reserve 2015 Holiday Bottle at Woodford Reserve’s press release right here. To get yours, ask your local liquor store if they have any in stock, and have $43.99 ready to put on the barrel head for privilege of ownership – you could have asked for one for Christmas, but now it’s too late.