Boncho: A Poncho for Staying Dry Biking in the Rain

by: Joseph On  Monday, December 28, 2015


If you’re a habitual bicyclist, you have pretty much two options for when it’s raining out: find some other mode of transportation instead, or get soaking wet during your trip. But now there’s a third option, provided you don’t mind enduring the mocking jibes of motorists and pedestrians. It’s called the Boncho.

“Boncho” is a portmanteau of “bike” and “poncho,” and as such it provides a rainproof covering for the rider and his or her clothes, as well as any backpack or carrying case that might be along for the ride. It looks kind of dumb, but you can at least be secure that as of this writing it has 403 backers on Kickstarter who would wear it.

To join the ranks of unashamed bike poncho wearers, head over to the Boncho’s Kickstarter listing right here, where the poncho can be pre-ordered starting at $60 and shipments slated to begin on March, 2016.