Roger Communication App

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 22, 2015
Tags:  Apps   Communication   Ios   Roger   Walkie-talkies  


Most of us probably remember the bad old days of Nextel, where you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing that annoying chirp-chirp sound followed by some unintelligible squawking from someone’s cell phone. You might have thought those days were over, but a new app from the people who brought us Spotify is bringing back the convenience of walkie-talkies with some crucial upgrades for the smartphone era. It’s called Roger.

The key component of the Roger app is the fact that it essentially converts phone communication to an “on-demand” quantity┬ánot dependent on mutual availability – you enter a person’s phone number, tap to talk, and tap to listen to their reply. The name of the app obviously alludes to walkie-talkies or ham radio, but the actual user experience is more like real-time voice mail or texting out loud.

You can get more information on Roger, free from the iTunes App Store, at the app’s official site right here. Over and out.