Spotify Year in Music: See Your 2015 Music Habits in Full

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Spotify Year in Music

If you listen to a good majority of your music on Spotify, the streaming service has a cool feature rolling out in time for all the year-end festivities happening right now. It’s called the Spotify Year in Music, and if you’re lucky it will make you feel good about how well you’ve spent the last 300+ days in the music arena.

Spotify Year in Music breaks down how you’ve used the service over the last 12 months in a variety of ways. How you spent each season is covered, as are your favorite albums, artists, and individual tracks. It will also tell you how much time you spent listening to Spotify total, and how many new artists and new songs you discovered in 2015.

You can check out the Spotify Year in Music site right here, and even if you don’t have a Spotify account you can still look at the year in music from a global perspective. The time to start making 2016 music resolutions begins now.