Pornhub Premium Gifting Service Gets SFW Holiday Ad (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, December 4, 2015

Pornhub Premium Gifting Service

For the creepy cousin in your life who you just know would appreciate some kind of pornographic gift card this holiday season, there’s always the Pornhub Premium Gifting Service. But the thing is, it’s not just creeps who love porn, which is the message implicit in a new SFW ad released by the company in time for the holiday season.

The commercial for the Pornhub Premium Gifting Service takes the form of a traditional Christmas ad the likes of which you’ve seen hundreds of times – only instead of a gift certificate to the grocery store or something, it’s a gift membership to Pornhub Premium. I could make a joke here using the phrase “stocking stuffer,” but why ruin the mood?

You can watch the heart-warming commercial for the Pornhub Premium Gifting Service, an ad which I’ll reiterate is 100% SFW, below. And to buy the gift that keeps on giving for someone special in your life, check out the service at Pornhub right here.

Here’s the commercial: