Analog Voltmeter Alarm Clock

by: Joseph On  Thursday, December 3, 2015

Analog Voltmeter Alarm Clock

If you want to experience the novelty of reading an old-fashioned analog voltmeter without the hassle of studying to be an electrician in the 1950s, the people at Awkward Engineer have got you covered with the Analog Voltmeter Alarm Clock.

The Analog Voltmeter Alarm Clock is an extremely cool timepiece that displays the hours on one side and the minutes on the other – in its own way, it might be even more intuitive than the traditional circular clock we’re all used to reading. It’s also, obviously, an alarm clock, a functionality that’s controlled with a red toggle switch on the side of the device. And despite its old-school trappings, though, it’s powered by trusty USB, with additional features like a backlight and “twitchy needle” mode.

At the Awkward Engineer online store here, you can check out the Analog Voltmeter Alarm Clock, as well as place your pre-order now to the tune of $169, minus an extra 30% discount before deliveries begin between April and May of next year.