‘Virtual Racism, Real Consequences’: Billboard Campaign Puts Racist FB Comments Near Offenders’ Homes

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Virtual Racism, Real Consequences

It’s unfortunately commonplace to log onto a social network like Facebook and see someone posting boneheaded racist comments under their real name, apparently heedless (or, shockingly, ignorant) of the consequences such statements could have. But there’s a new ad campaign in Brazil that’s taking such comments and blowing them up right in their originators’ backyards: Virtual Racism, Real Consequences.

Virtual Racism, Real Consequences is the name given to the latest ad campaign by the non-profit organization Criola. It takes blatantly racist Facebook posts and blows them up to billboard size, using the site’s geo-location features to place the billboards near the user’s house. Personal info and pictures are blurred, but the possibilities for public shaming are still crystal-clear.

You can read a little bit more about Virtual Racism, Real Consequences at Yahoo! right here. And remember, please, that people are reading the dumb stuff you write and post on the internet.