Sound of Power Bust Speakers: Listen to Music From Two Recent Tyrants

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sound of Power

OK, stay with me here, because this is a bit of a weird one. In the old days, marble busts of men in power were all the rage, but as society progresses and becomes more skeptical of power and authority, the concept becomes a little creepy. What Sound of Power bust speakers do, then, is embrace the creepiness wholeheartedly, presenting speakers crafted from the likenesses of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un (I told you this was weird).

Sound of Power speakers are the creation of Petro Wodkins, and despite marble’s well-known acoustical properties they are instead made from a marblesque composite material. Full-range drivers are stylishly inserted into the figures’ heads, and the wooden bases also serve as 20W amplifiers.

So the only real question at this point is if you’re willing enough to have busts of Vladimir Putin and/or Kim Jong-Un in your house and plunk down $1,175 for a limited edition speaker in the shape of one of their heads. If so, head to the official Sound of Power site right here.