Gonzalo Garcia Calvo Specializes in Realistic Origami (Pics)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Origami is by its very nature a stylized medium, with little in the way of realism prioritized above simple beauty and elegance. But artist Gonzalo Garcia Calvo has an approach that goes in the exact opposite direction, and his realistic origami creations are now getting a lot of attention online.

Gonzalo Garcia Calvo has a way of making his folded paper creations look almost exactly like the things they’re meant to represent. It’s not just a question of folding, either – the color and even the lighting used in photographs of the pieces all seem to be precisely calibrated for maximum realistic effect.

You can see what I mean by checking out some of Gonzalo Garcia Calvo’s best work in the gallery underneath these words. And for more, check out a story on the artist and his work, with lots more pics, over at (Spanish language publication) Fubiz right here.

Here’s the gallery: