Blacknet: Portable Basketball Net for Sad Net-less Courts

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 23, 2015


If you haven’t gotten to a point in your life at which you can comfortably afford a private basketball court, you’ve probably encountered the scourge of net-less basketball courts in your city. It’s a niche problem, to be sure, but one that is creatively and effectively addressed with Blacknet.

Blacknet is a kind of portable basketball net that will fit over any standard hoop, no installation know-how required. Once you get the net over the ball, all you have to do to click it securely in place is shoot it through the hoop – and, in a novel twist, all you have to do to get it off is shoot a ball up through the hoop backwards.

It’s a pretty brilliant solution to the dissatisfied feeling that accompanies any basketball game sans net.  You can get more information at the official Blacknet site right here, where pricing and release information should be available soon.