Senate Coney Island Restaurant in Michigan Offers Free Thanksgiving Dinner to Solo Diners

by: Joseph On  Friday, November 13, 2015

Senate Coney Island

Being alone on Thanksgiving, whether by choice or unfortunate circumstance, can be kind of a bummer. But if you live in Michigan near Senate Coney Island, perhaps you can have a little bit of the sting taken out of it thanks to George’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

“George” would be the owner of the Senate Coney Island restaurant, who recently posted a sign in the window that advertises a free Thanksgiving dinner for anybody who’s “home alone” on November 26th. It would seem to be a promotion geared toward the homeless and other economically under-privileged, but hey, rich people get lonely sometimes too.

Of course, it’s also good advertising, and you can read more about George’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner at Senate Coney Island in an article about the promotion/contribution to society at Mashable right here. And if you know anybody who you think might be alone this holiday season, remember to throw them a break every now and again, OK? It’s tough out there.