ColorWare iPhone 6s Retro

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 9, 2015

ColorWare iPhone 6s Retro

New from ColorWare is a pair of customized iPhone 6s’s made to look like an old Apple IIe computer. It’s the ColorWare iPhone 6s Retro, joined by the iPhone 6s Plus Retro, the perfect antidote for those Apple fanatics who are weary of modern style but addicted to modern technology.

The ColorWare iPhone 6s Retro is a fully customized phone rather than just a gimmick novelty case, and the attention to detail really drives the craftsmanship to the next level. The classic rainbow Apple makes its obligatory appearance, as do non-functional vents just like the IIe used to have.

That kind of attention to detail doesn’t come cheap, as the ColorWare iPhone 6s Retro costs just a dollar under $1,600 at the ColorWare online store here, where the iPhone 6s Plus Retro goes for another hundred bucks on top of that. And before you pull the trigger, you should know that Oregon Trail is not included in the purchase price.