Bernard Favre Watch Winders

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 9, 2015

Bernard Favre Watch Winders

For proof that the “one percent” live differently than you and I, just take a look at the cottage industry of display case watch winders. Obviously you could just wind your watch by hand, but if you want a much more elegant solution to this chore, the top of the line is probably this new trio of Bernard Favre Watch Winders, available in three different varieties.

Bernard Favre Watch Winders – Planet Gold, Planet Silver, and Planet Back – are gyroscopic structures that wind your wristwatch in the most visually compelling manner possible. And despite their 18th century charms, they’re outfitted with 21st century technology, like the motor that sits in the base and the LED that shows how much longer your watch needs to spend in the tank.

If you’ve spent a ton of money on a watch recently, investing in one of the Bernard Favre Watch Winders might be a good way to get the absolute most out of it display-wise. For more info, and to purchase one starting at about $1,400, head over to the Bernard Favre online store right here.