Nomad Wallet for iPhone Acts as Portable Charger

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nomad Wallet for iPhone

The plight of the perpetually low-battery iPhone user is enough to make you question your faith in technology, but the rising tide of accessories to help relieve that plight is enough to restore it right back again. The Nomad Wallet for iPhone is the latest, a wallet that includes a special portable charger for (you guessed it) your iPhone.

Unlike some other portable chargers, the Nomad Wallet for iPhone’s is small enough to be integrated comfortably within the otherwise outwardly normal wallet itself. The wallet also has space to tuck the Lightning cable away when it’s not being used, even though charging up your phone in such a convenient and stylish way is certainly nothing to be ashamed of!

The Nomad Wallet for iPhone is available for pre-order at Nomad’s online store here, to the tune of $80, an advertised $20 discount over the wallet’s eventual MSRP when it hits stores soon.