College Town Maps Drinkware From TheUncommonGreen

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, October 28, 2015

College Town Maps Drinkware

There’s nothing quite like the charm and allure of the college town. And if you moved away from the one closest to your heart after graduation, and can’t quite find the wherewithal to move back and become a townie, perhaps a piece of College Town Maps Drinkware from TheUncommonGreen can be a kind of adequate substitute.

College Town Maps Drinkware takes the maps of a wide range of American institutions of higher learning and their surrounding towns and prints them on a pair of 16-ounce pint glasses, one for each of the school’s colors. The solid coloring means the map can be read even when the glass is empty, which is good news for everyone hoping to use the glasses for actual navigational purposes.

Whatever your plans for them may be, you can check out TheUncommonGreen’s College Town Maps Drinkware at TheUncommonGreen’s online store here, where the glasses are priced at $28 per pair.