Mark Dean Veca Tweety Bird Toy From Kidrobot

by: Joseph On  Monday, October 26, 2015

Mark Dean Veca Tweety Bird

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a macabre twist on one of the most perennially popular cartoon characters of all time. It’s the Mark Dean Veca Tweety BirdĀ from artist Veca and Kidrobot, which looks hauntingly like Tweety if Sylvester finally caught him and tore his skin off.

Despite the loss of skin/feathers and bloody red guts underneath, the Mark Dean Veca Tweety Bird toy is still unmistakably Tweety, thanks to his big eyes, distinctive head, and signature Tweety Bird pose. And, shockingly, according to the Kidrobot website this is an officially licensed Looney Tunes product, which just goes to show how violent those old cartoons can be.

A Mark Dean Veca Tweet Bird will cost you a cool 75 bucks at the Kidrobot online store right here, where you can see more oddities from the Kidrobot x Looney Tunes Collection. It also comes in yellow and black, but both of those are sold out.