Weather Station From Best Made Gives Intuitive Weather Readings

by: Joseph On  Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weather Station

One of the things modern humans do almost every day probably without even realizing it is converting abstract numbers to physical ideas inside their brains. I’m talking, of course, about looking at the weather forecast, which is then used to make decisions about what to wear, where to go (or not go), etc. Now, Best Made‘s new Weather Station does this conversion for you.

The Best Made Weather Station has a thermometer and hygrometer that combine to give a simple reading on what it actually feels like outside – “too dry” and “too cold,” for instance, or when the two needles converge on both “just right” markers, well, I guess you could say it’s just right outside.

Made from solid, untreated brass that will develop a unique patina over time, the Weather Station is available for $172 at the official Best Made online store right here, where you can order yours now.