“Mad Mac”: Justin Theroux Plays Drunk Mac ‘n’ Cheese Kid for Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

by: Joseph On  Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mad Mac

One of the greatest challenges of any actor is to play real historical figures. Justin Theroux is the latest to take on that immense responsibility for a sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s “Mad Mac,” in which Theroux portrays the infamous UConn student who was captured on video drunkenly demanding bacon jalapeno mac ‘n’ cheese.

“Mad Mac” is a trailer for an unfortunately nonexistent movie also starring David Koechner and Kimmel himself. All the familiar elements are there, right down to the kid’s socks-and-flip-flops ensemble. It’s funny stuff, and a nice way to close out this guy’s 15 minutes of fame.

You can watch “Mad Mac” for yourself below. If by some twist of fate you’re not familiar with the original story but want to be, you can check it out on Complex here, but really, why should you bother? After all, you can just see the movie.

Here’s the video: