Welland Skull Head Whiskey Stones

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Welland Skull Head Whiskey Stones

Ice cubes are generally accepted as an adequate way to chill whiskey, but with a couple of huge caveats – for one, they water it down as they melt, and two, they just aren’t very badass. Welland has come up with an alternative that eliminates both of those factors: the Welland Skull Head Whiskey Stones.

Welland Skull Head Whiskey Stones (no word on why the redundant phrase “skull head” is being used here) are made from stainless steel that can hold a chill after an hour in the freezer almost as long (and, it should be said, not quite as cold) as ice and without any melting or watering down of your whiskey. And, as I mentioned earlier, they’re totally badass.

If you agree you can pick up a set of four Welland Skull Head Whiskey Stones from Amazon right here for under $20 – they might make a good gift or personal acquisition just in time for Halloween season.