Gas & Grass: Native Roots Opening Marijuana Gas Stations in Colorado

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 21, 2015

Gas & Grass

Imagine being able to gas up your car and grass up your stash in the same trip. That’s the reality being offered by Native Roots, a chain of marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, which recently announced their intention to open up two gas stations in the state where weed can be purchased while you fill up your tank – it’s called, naturally, Gas & Grass.

Despite the legality of marijuana in Colorado, it still isn’t legal for gas and marijuana to be sold together, so the weed half of the Gas & Grass gas station will have a separate entrance from the gas station half – which will presumably stock the usual convenience store snack items, which given the clientele will probably run out on a fairly regular basis.

Gas & Grass gas stations don’t have a firm opening date as of yet, but one of them could be up and running as early as October. And for more from Native Roots, check out the company’s official site right here.