Makerarm: Multipurpose Robotic Arm for the Home or Office

by: Joseph On  Thursday, September 17, 2015


Well, it’s finally happened – the future is here, and soon there will be a robotic arm for all of your fabricating needs in your office (or in your house, provided you’ve got room for a small robotic arm). It’s the Makerarm, a robotic “fabrication system” that’s built to lock right onto the side of your desk.

Once it’s installed the Makerarm can handle all kinds of fabrication tasks, like “3D printing, plotting, milling, laser engraving, electronics
assembly and more,” as the product’s website would have it. And it has an arm span of up to 30 inches and can assemble items up to 10 inches tall.

What Makerarm’s website doesn’t mention is a price, but it is supposed to enter beta testing soon, and you can get some more information on the product and make a request for a free trial once the beta period begins at its official site right here.