Work Hard Anywhere App Finds the Nearest Inviting WiFi Workspace

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 14, 2015
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Work Hard Anywhere

The economy has been heading for years towards a more freelance, work-from-home orientation for many workers, and a lot of them can often be seen roaming the countryside in search of a Starbucks so they can work away from their filthy apartments for a couple of hours. Now, perhaps, they (oh, who am I kidding, “we”) can wander a little less aimlessly thanks to the Work Hard Anywhere app.

Work Hard Anywhere simply finds the place nearest you where WiFi is available to the public (or, at least, paying customers), and provides user ratings for things like loudness, parking, WiFi speed, and food quality. The days of guessing your chances of being able to find a power outlet near a comfortable couch would seem to be over.

Also appropriate given its target audience, the Work Hard Anywhere app is free for iOS devices. You can find the link to get it, plus more information on the app, at its official website right here.