Absinthe Flavored Ground Coffee From World Market

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 11, 2015

Absinthe Flavored Ground Coffee

I’ve never had absinthe, but as far as I know the appeal of the beverage isn’t really connected to its flavor, as much as its legendary psychoactive effects. Nevertheless, someone made an absinthe-flavored coffee – more precisely World Market has whipped up what they call Absinthe Flavored Ground Coffee.

Infused with the flavors of fennel, wormwood, licorice, and anise, Absinthe Flavored Ground Coffee is pretty much guaranteed to start your morning in an unusual way. There’s no reference on the World Market website about any possible visions or hallucinations created by the coffee, but hey, who knows what could happen if you try some, right?

You can do just that by heading over to the World Market online store right here, where you can check to see if the brand’s Absinthe Flavored Ground Coffee is available at any nearby World Market locations (shipping doesn’t appear to be available as of this writing).