“Found Them First”: Spotify Tells You Who You Were Into Before They Were Cool

by: Joseph On  Thursday, September 10, 2015

Spotify Found Them First

It’s a badge of honor hard-earned on the battlefield of tunes to be able to tell your friends, “I was into them before they got big.” But there’s always a layer of skepticism directed at any such claims, no matter how well-founded they may be. Now, though, there’s a way to get objective third-party verification that you were listing to whatever music phenom of the moment you were into back in the day, thanks to Spotify‘s new “Found Them First” feature.

Basically, “Found Them First” digs deep into your Spotify streaming history and playlists to find out if you were digging any of today’s big stars before a growth rate in streams of at least 2000% and a total of 20 million streams or more. And even if you’re not a tastemaker, the feature still has something for you – an automatically generated playlist of acts likely to be the next big thing, so you can get a head start the next time you give it a try.

All you need is a Spotify account to be able to give “Found Them First” a try right here.